It’s easy to understand why the new generations are the most engaged asking for resolute climate action: youngsters have the mental agility needed to change their habits, the spiritual need to achieve meaningful goals and the awareness that they’ll be the ones suffering the direst consequences of climate change.


We believe that music can motivate kids to play an active role against global warming. That’s why Emotion for Change has developed an educational activity specifically thought for schools. The educational part, articulated differently from the performance for adults, draws on interactivity and is designed to involve students and teachers.

The show

Pieces are carefully chosen to reach progressively a proactive and engaging atmosphere, and they’re combined with Michieletto’s words, who explains the thoughts behind every piece, in a multidisciplinary but coherent way.

During the event students and teachers are invited to come up with suggestions about how to reduce our environmental impact, either at home or at school.

Kids often play music together with the musicians.

High School “Avogadro”, Biella (Italy)

Practical activities

The closing part culminates in a symbolic action played out with the students, to show that emotions can drive actions, like planting flowers beloved by bees, paying attention to your own water and electric consumption, using reusable bottles to reduce plastic consumption or sending letters to local authorities and politicians to ask for a more serious climate commitment.

To start a virtuous circle is as easy as switching off the lights when we leave a room, planting herbs on the balcony or buying local.

Total audience: about 6000
Total students: about 2700
People who received the seeds: about 2700

Before a scheduled concert Emotion for Change can organize workshops on climate change realized by scientists and researchers that collaborate to the project. However, the activity is suitable for every school group familiar with such concepts as greenhouse gas, ecological footprint, Anthropocene and renewable energy.

School concerts

Locations, promoters and offered seeds.

Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

At Ribeira hall, for 200 students of two public secondary schools, and at Peleteiro Hall, in  Collegio Peleteiro, for 400 students.



For the Ferraris Pancaldo Institute, on the occasion of the Fridays for Future strike, for 200 students, and 10 teachers. The school committed in starting the following green actions: zero plastic in the school from the next year (2019-20), installation of charging stations in the school parking lot, recovering and reuse of aluminium through a school project.




Auditorium conservatory hall, middle school Vivaldi. About 200 students of the first years.



Acqui Terme (AL)

High school Institute “Rita Levi Montalcini”, about 200 students  and 10 teachers



Pettinengo (BI)

For the middle school, on the occasion of the Fridays for Future strike. The kids had put up posters on climate change. The concert tool place in front of the Third Paradise installation, by M.Pistoletto, for about 50 students, and 6 teachers.




American International School, for about 210 students and 12 teachers. We offered seeds to be planted in the new greenhouse that will be created for the primary school.




Scientific Institute Avogadro, secondary school. The school committed in starting the following green actions: spread the infos about climate change with friends and families, install plastic recycling bins in each classroom, reduce the electric consume by switching off the lights when no needed. For 180 students, 10 teachers.




Middle school Vivaldi, Auditorium Galilei – concerts per students and teachers. The school committed in writing a letter to the mayor of the city to implement green areas. For  70 students and teachers.


Mosso (BI)

Scuola media, auditorium, in collaborazione con 3 professori e 10 studenti per la parte artistica musicale, performance per circa 120 ragazzi delle medie. Hanno preparato una lettera con un proposta di legge, per i ministri competenti, per contrastare il riscaldamento globale. – 150 persone



Pettinengo (BI)

Villa Piazzo, per gli studenti e i professori delle scuole medie. Alla fine del concerto sono state piantati rosmarino, timo, salvia, menta e alloro. Circa 100 studenti e professori.




Almagià, con Tralenuvole, per il Comune. 240 bambini di scuole elementari e medie. Distribuiti a ogni partecipante dei bulbi di crocus.



Sestri Levante (GE)

Per il Comune, con L’amaca Gioconda e Tralenuvole. Distribuiti semi di crocus ad ogni classe, con foglietto e indirizzo email al quale inviare le foto dei fiori sbocciati – 80 bambini




Per la Venice International University, in occasione della chiusura del semestre e della settimana per lo sviluppo sostenibile. Semi di fiori che sono utili alle api (calendula, fiordaliso, phacelia, aneto e grano saraceno). Concerto per un centinaio di studenti internazionali tra i 19 e i 26 anni, e i loro professori.




Per “Acqua Altra”, Teatro dei Frari, semi di fiori che sono utili alle api (calendula, fiordaliso, phacelia, aneto e grano saraceno). Concerto eseguito per 20 bambini di età tra i 4 e i 10 anni.



Monforte d’Alba (CN)

Per la Biblioteca Comunale, Teatro comunale. Semi di rosa canina e carpino – Concerto eseguito per 100 studenti delle scuole medie.



Mira (Venezia)

Per la scuola Waldorf, presso il Teatro della scuola, 30 persone


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