Emotion for Change (EfC) was born from an idea of Sara Michieletto, (established classic musician and an active artist for environmental sustainability and social equality) and features a group of musicians, artists and scientists who share the desire to communicate their enchantment and love for the “symphonic” beauty of nature.

Emotion for Change

“These are the feelings that we try to convey to our audience when we perform with Emotion for Change: the wonder and awe of beauty and the mystic sense of unity that both nature and music can convey. We wish to encourage the audience to act environmentally and respectfully, not out of fear for the future but out of love for nature.”


A project to let people feel and reflect on the future scenarios that the action of human beings is provoking in their relationship with the environment.
Authoritative studies show that the emotions aroused by music can touch chords, in the human soul, that scientific communication fails to resonate. Our music is meant to communicate our love for the beauty of nature, our inter-breathing and the enchantment for the little creatures that live with us, daily.


Several Italian and foreign musicians take part in it, together with performers, video makers and photographers.
Each concert of Emotion for Change invites a local scientist who, with his words, describes the future climate scenarios of that area.


We believe that music can motivate kids to play an active role against global warming. That’s why Emotion for Change has developed an educational activity specifically thought for schools.
The educational part, articulated differently from the performance for adults, draws on interactivity and is designed to involve students and teachers.

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American Geophysical Union blog interview

#AGURocks is a series of posts by musicians who create science-inspired music and explain their process and inspiration while also showcasing their pieces. This week, Sara Michieletto.

Servizio e video intervista su Tele Venezia

“Un concerto che è anche un’esperienza sensoriale e una presa di coscienza delle nostre responsabilità sull’ambiente. Il progetto ideato da Sara Michieletto si chiama Emotion for Change e colpisce nel segno rompendo schemi e convenzioni”


Partners and friends of Emotion for Change.